Cash Flow Case Studies

To discover what we can do, read about what we’ve already done. For years, we’ve helped businesses access the cash they need to meet payroll and operating expenses, take advantage of new opportunities, and do what they need to stay ahead. At Cash Flow, we retain customers for an average of five years, much longer than the industry average. That’s proof of our outstanding customer service.

Saving a staffing company $38k a year.

To maintain cash flow, the business was using a factoring company that specialized in staffing companies. But the business owner wanted to reduce financing and administration cost.

A million-dollar facility for a machining company.

Their previous factoring company would only fund receivables through 90 days. The company was experiencing high growth due to new product offerings and increased orders from existing customers.

Partnering with a bank to help a business client.

The majority owner wanted to retire and sell the company to a 29-year employee, the General Manager and Vice President of the firm, whose management style had contributed to the overall success of the business.

Fast cash access for a NJ staffing company.

This growing company had an existing credit line with a large national bank but was anticipating accelerated growth and larger contracts coming into the new year.

Helping a youth services nonprofit grow.

The organization was struggling with cash flow from delayed payments and needed to balance growth with operating expenses.

On the job for an IT staffing company.

A satisfied past client started a new business with thin profit margins.